Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The mission of the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is to promote excellence by providing a venue for academics, students, and practitioners to publish current and significant empirical and conceptual research in the arts; business; humanities; applied, natural, and social sciences; and other areas that tests, extends, or builds theory. The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is a double-blind, peer reviewed, open access journal.

Section Policies

Articles Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed
Life Forward (Interviews) Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed
Reflections Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed
Student Corner (Student Articles) Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed
Book Reviews Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research abides by a double-blind peer review process such that the journal does not disclose the identity of the reviewer(s) to the author(s) and does not disclose the identity of the author(s) to the reviewer(s). As an additional safeguard, it requires reviewers to submit a signed Declaration of Conflicts of Interest upon their return of a reviewed manuscript.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is published two times per year.

Open Access Policy

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is an open access publication. It does not charge readers or their institutions for access. Our users have permission to read, download, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of its contents.

Submissions Policies

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research does not have Article Processing Charges (APCs) or Article Submission Charges (ASCs).

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research takes measures to screen for plagiarism, using such software as TurnItIn.

Journal of Multidisciplinary Research content requires the following: (√) Attribution, (√) No Commercial Usage, and (√) No Derivatives.

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research license statement is available here.

Journal of Multidisciplinary Research authors retain copyright without restrictions, and retain publishing rights without restrictions.

License Statement

Authors publishing in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research may use the following Creative Commons license for their articles: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license (CC BY-NC-ND), for which no charge applies. This license allows users to download and share the article for non-commercial purposes, so long as the article is reproduced in the whole without changes, and the original authorship is acknowledged


The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is archived in print form in the St. Thomas University Library and in electronic form on the journal’s Website (https://jmrpublication.org); back issues are available at that Website. In the event the journal ceases publication, access to journal content will remain viable through both the Library and the Website.

Permissions and Reprints

For information on permissions and reprints in relation to the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, please contact the Editor-in-Chief (hgringarten@stu.edu).


For information on advertising in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, please contact the Editor-in-Chief (hgringarten@stu.edu).

Journal Sponsorship


The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research publisher is St. Thomas University.


The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research sponsor is St. Thomas University.

Sources of Support

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research sources of support are the generosity of Professor Craig Reese, Ph.D., and of the St. Thomas University Gus Machado College of Business.